How We Started

As you may already know, Marc comes from a family where everything is related to flora, agriculture and landscaping.

Marc’s maternal grandfather (Elia Salem aka Abou Sakher), was one of the best known Lebanese landscapers, his uncles, his dad and his brother also work in this field, consolidating Marc with a particularly strong know how and rich background.

At Nature by Marc Beyrouthy, we are committed to bringing you, our exceptional landscape experience. We specialize in multiple services including outdoor landscaping, plant supply and maintenance.

Our landscape teams offer full service to clients including design, lighting, planting and irrigation solutions. In addition, our specialized maintenance teams do their best to keep executed projects to the highest standards.

Historically, we have conducted and executed several projects in Lebanon and abroad. These projects cover many aspects of the landscaping business: private gardens (roof or container gardens), green walls, public garden concept designs, road and roundabouts concept designs. We also have conducted studies, concept & designs, BOQs and Specs for several projects.

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