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A Mega Explosion of Hope

By Houda Harb, On 04-01-2022, 2 min read

“No matter how dark the clouds become, the sun of Lebanon will shine again.”

مهما تلبدت الغيوم، شمس لبنان رح ترجع تشع


What does it take for us to believe deep in our hearts that Lebanon will rise back up again? Of course, it takes hope. And there are many ways to keep hope alive during dark times. But it takes more than a normal amount of hope. It takes an explosion of hope, much like the explosion of hope we have just experienced with Elie Ahwash (MTV Lebanon), Anthony RahayelMarc Beyrouthy & Charbel Tawk who have come together to tell us the moving stories that have emerged over hundreds of years from the Sacred Qadisha Valley in the north of Lebanon.

This explosion of hope has been hypnotic. For me at least, I have walked away from these documentaries with a sense of hope so strong that it’s re-shaped how I traverse the whole complex & volatile topic of Lebanon’s future.

Just watching Anthony resuscitate that hope by cultivating optimism every day is a mini-explosion of hope in itself. Then there’s the hope-boost we get from Marc & Charbel going out into nature & showing us how spectacular our natural treasures are. And then there is Elie who harnesses faith & spirituality, helping us inject it into our everyday lives & regain lost hope. Combined, a real mega-explosion of hope.

Let us aspire to be stronger in our faith, be optimistic in our outlook on life & be grateful for & protective of our natural landscape so we can all see & enjoy that beautiful sunshine once more.

Compelling. Captivating. Awe-inspiring. This two-part documentary about the Sacred Qadisha Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will take your breath away.

I urge anyone who doesn’t know Lebanon and wants to discover it, to subscribe to & watch Anthony Rahayel’s YouTube channel. And I urge all Lebanese everywhere, to watch these Qannoubine videos & share them with their family & friends. The makers of this documentary have gone to great lengths to enable us to experience a little of the magic of this special place, a place like no other – it’s no wonder early Christians sought refuge here.

Thank you:

Anthony Rahayel

Marc Beyrouthy

Elie Ahwash

Charbel Tawk

Houda Harb

Financial industry professional with a passion for writing who gets fulfillment from a life of service to others, loves giving, is empathetic & a proud Lebanese.FollowingHOUDA HARB FOLLOWS

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