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Exploring Byblos and Batroun Bee Routes with Medbeesinesshubs

On November 03, 2023. By Marc Beyrouthy.

We normally invite you to discover with us (Anthony and Marc) Lebanon food and cultural heritage as long as its biodiversity, nature reserves and agriculture, landmarks, and monuments.

But if you are passionate about sustainable and eco-friendly travel, follow Anthony and Marc steps and explore Byblos and Batroun Bee Routes with Medbeesinesshubs.

Bee ecoroute, (Jbeil / Batroun), was developed under MedBEESinessHubs project, funded by the European Union under ENI CBC MED Program and implemented by the Chamber of Commerce industry and agriculture of Zahle and Bekaa the Lebanese project partner.

The project intends to contribute to the development of an actual Mediterranean BEE-economy by connecting clusters in five countries. It will go a lot further than just producing and selling honey. A vast range of side products is concerned from cosmetics to handcrafting souvenirs and even to the consolidation of “bee-tourism”.

On its way, the BEE-economy will use another abundant natural resource: youth. Young people will bring fresh BEESiness ideas while the project will pollinate them by granting financial and technical support.

By the end of the journey, new products will be developed, and a sustainable cross-border network will be in place. And, on top of all this, vital bee population will be encouraged to come back to where they belong.

Click on the link below for the full experience:

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