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A green Concept Store

By The Switchers Community, On 13 Feb 2017 Kaslik, Lebanon Sustainable Food and Agriculture

Coming from a family of farmers and landscapers living in tune with nature, it is Marc’s belief that a sustainable life is about making the everyday choices that are safe for every living being.

Driven by his passion for biodiversity and especially flora, Marc became an ethnobotanist, hoping to contribute to the protection of the Lebanese rich traditional knowledge of plants. Today, Marc is also the host of the weekly ecological TV show « Nature ».

Marc has always been determined to help change the way people lived and enhance the way they connected with the planet, by offering products that impact the world in a positive way.

So he opened his very own shop and named it “Nature” because it’s simply powered by Nature.

“Nature” creates and provides a responsible various range of home goods.

A green concept store for an eco-friendly lifestyle! | The Switchers

Located in Kaslik, Jounieh, Mount Lebanon, « Nature » is an accessible gleaming shop combining the best variety of ecological products and services, to beautifully green people’s lives.

It is a brand for sustainable home goods, offering an assortment of environmentally friendly lifestyle products, services, and home solutions that are all stylish, original and authentic, reclaimed, recycled, natural or organic, and made with the highest respect for the planet and its people.

Its product range includes eco-friendly indoor plants, flowers, flowering plants, arrangements, pots, fertilizers, seeds and aromatic plants, garden utensils, tea and tea accessories, herbs and spices, and more than 60 products from the Lebanese food heritage (honey, jam, marzipan, olives, dried fruits, syrups)

“Nature” has been committed to a healthy and conscious lifestyle, presenting itself as a platform through which sustainability is transformed from a movement into a household feature. Its mission is to educate and inspire people to become personally involved and passionately committed to changing the world through products with purpose.

“Our ultimate mission is to help our clients to make choices that preserve, restore and promote a green lifestyle. Each purchase is the buyer’s own contribution to make the world a better place.”
Marc Beyrouthy

Since its establishment, “Nature” has been dedicated to serving the local and surrounding communities, and committed to encouraging the use of green products. It offers customers to shop for everyday eco-friendly solutions.

A green concept store for an eco-friendly lifestyle! | The Switchers

The combination of the best variety of green products and services that guarantee a smooth shopping experience are the pillars of its philosophy.

Nature is not only a unique shop with exceptional products but even more. It is also a place that offers a great selection of services for a greener life too, like providing its customers with experts to help them in landscaping and garden maintenance; water management and irrigation services, plant nurseries & glasshouses, green walls, vertical gardens, and green roofs, eco-friendly decoration & upcycling.

In addition to the role it plays in the local communities, Nature provides a space for local talented artists to shine and turn recycled and upcycled trash into decorative objects or gadgets, it also serves as a platform to showcase “Mouneh” products prepared by local women.

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