Nature by Marc Beyrouthy

At Nature by Marc Beyrouthy we bring you local high quality honeys carefully selected from small local beekeepers who share our concern for the bees’ wellbeing and the quality of the honey.

All our beekeepers move their beehives all year long allowing the bees to follow the flowers’ blossoming seasons and making sure they only feed on the nectar of flowers and the honeydew of trees.

We guarantee that our 100% pure and top quality honey has all the benefits needed to naturally heal your body.

Different honey types are currently available, varying from a very light honey through to a quite strong honey. For more information on the available varieties, please click on the corresponding images below.

Bee Pollen


Bee Pollen has been called “nature’s perfect food”. It can be taken by the spoonful or mixed with other foods as a daily supplement to healthy diets. 

Black Honey


Also referred to as forest honey, this fine wild honey is gathered from oak flowers (Quercus sp.). It has a strong flavour of warm woody intensity with a remarkable richness in mineral nutrients attracting lovers who consider it as the best health boosting treat.

Eucalyptus Honey


This honey’s spicy aroma is echoed in its piquant menthol aftertaste. Eucalyptus honey’s unique fragrance makes it a perfect match with tea and herbal infusions.

High Mountains Honey


This pure high mountain honey is gathered from the Lebanese mountains, where flowers grow away from pollution. It offers an exceptional intense flavor in your mouth with hints of wild flowers such as Eryngo, Astragalus and Clover.

Honey & Royal Jelly


The exclusive food of the Queen Bee.

Honey & Walnut


Honey & Walnut one of Nature’s aphrodisiacs, an ancient, classic treat in this part of the world, that have defined Greek honey .

Honey and Propolis


This captivating black honey is enhanced with Propolis’ extract, a substance that bees collect from various trees and shrubs to seal the walls of their hive.