Nature by Marc Beyrouthy

At Nature by Marc Beyrouthy, we firmly believe in the importance of a balanced nutrient input to support the health of your plant. Therefore, we joined hands to bring you a wide range of carefully formulated fertilizers precisely focused on plants requirements. Our approach is to properly identify the needs of your plants and to efficiently meet those needs in a sustainable way. This is how a successful plant environment is built!

The Nature by Marc El Beyrouthy fertilizer brand, brings knowledge and expertise to provide premium plant nutrition. Some of our fertilizers are precisely formulated to provide targeted nutrition for specific uses such as flowers, conifers, fruits, vegetables or lawns and others are designed for broader use. You will surely find the fertilizer that will keep your plant growing, healthy, and happy!

On top of our full range of products, we have knowledgeable staff members to guide you and help you make the best choices for your plants.

All our fertilizers are available online and in our company. More details about our formulations are described under each product.