Nature by Marc Beyrouthy

“NaturebyMarcBeyrouthy” has been committed to a healthy and conscious lifestyle, presenting itself as a platform through which sustainability is transformed from a movement into a household feature. Its mission is to educate and inspire people to become personally involved and passionately committed to changing the world through products with purpose.

We also believe that no individual can make a difference alone that’s why we need to reach a wide audience of Lebanese and regional viewers and working hand in hand with them and raising their awareness.

Our company reputation is growing and that’s why we are constantly contacted for TV, radio and other interviews.

Our chairman is also an anchor of a popularized TV show “Nature” at MTV Lebanon: which gives its viewers tips on how to keep their gardens and their indoor plants growing and blooming throughout the year. Herbal medicine and phytotherapy also have their share, giving valuable guidelines that are scientifically tested on the ways of using medicinal plants. Regular episodes tackle thorny issues such as the climate change, desertification and the irrational urbanism in Lebanon, making Eco a window into sustainable development, environmental best practices, biodiversity protection and ecosystems protection. The animal world is also an integral part of Eco’s reach, bringing together what makes nature a wonderful world and inspires humanity. From the smallest insects to scorpions, bats and the huge mammals, from toxic frogs to wonderful butterflies, Nature brings forward the importance of the animals and their habits to humanity, focusing on biomimetism and the technological breakthroughs inspired by animals.
In this section we share with you our presence on several TV, social media, interviews, etc.