Nature by Marc Beyrouthy

Meet The Chairman

Born in Kartaba, a village in Mount Lebanon, on the 26 th of July 1978, Marc Beyrouthy spent his childhood between Jbeil (Byblos) and Kartaba. He comes from a family of farmers and landscapers for generations: farmer and landscaper grandfather, nurseryman father, grandmother and mother fans of agriculture and nature, florists and landscapers uncles, agronomist wife, and architect and landscaper brother, and Boyscout since childhood. We can therefore definitely assert that plants and nature occupy a privileged role in his life. He completed all his studies at the Frères Maristes College – Jbeil, and graduated with the French baccalaureate degree, Sciences option. Then, driven by his heart and against his family will, he registered at USEK in Agronomy. After a slow start, he ended up triumphing as an agronomist (agricultural engineer) with high distinction thanks to his passion for plants that was transmitted to him by Prof. Nelly Arnold. He carried on further education by earning additional degrees:

  • Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies (Post-Graduate Diploma) in Agricultural Sciences and Biological Engineering from Gembloux Agricultural University (FSAGx) – Belgium
  • Diploma of Special Complementary Studies in Applied Ethnobotany, Medicinal Plants and Traditional Pharmacopoeias under the supervision of the French Society of Ethnopharmacology
  • MA/PG Diploma – Learning and Teaching in Higher Education – From Chester University – UK
  • Ph.D. in Management Science from the Paul Cézanne University – Marseille III – France
  • PhD in Health and Life Sciences from the Law and Health University Lille II – France, Botany department, Specialty: Drugs Sciences (Pharmacy), Discipline: Bio-molecules, pharmacology and therapeutics, obtaining the highest grade «Highest Distinction with Praises of the Jury» (summa cum laude).

Since then, he was the co-author of several articles, published in worldwide scientific journals, and gave several lectures in the field of plants. In addition he is a Co-author of the section titled « À vot’ santé! » in collaboration with Nada Merhi in l’Orient-le-Jour and Editorial board member in the OMICS Publishing Group – Advances in Crop Sciences and Technology

Marc Beyrouthy has a passion for biodiversity, Lebanese flora and its conservation, botany and landscaping.

He is also an associate professor at the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences at USEK, where he occupied many positions among them head of department of agricultural sciences, Assistant to the Dean for projects and research, Coordinator at the laboratory services and member of the green committee. In addition he never stopped taking care of the parental plant nursery and landscaping, business he inherited from his mothers’ father.

He also participated in several EIA – Environmental Impact Assessment – and SEA – Strategic Environmental Assessment – projects in Lebanon and the Middle East. He also contributed to various studies funded by the United Nations Development Program and helped in the establishment of several Lebanese natural reserves. In addition to that, he is an anchor in a daily popularized scientific TV show at the MTV – Lebanon (More than 600 TV appearances Anchor).

In 2016, he became the general manager and the chairman of NaturebyMarcBeyrouthy.

But above all, Marc Beyrouthy is a loving husband and father of three adorable children. He tries his best to contribute in improving the nature of the country of cedars in order to ensure a bright future for them by preserving the heritage of Lebanon.