Nature by Marc Beyrouthy


  • Leon Kahwaty
    October 3, 2020

    Hi Marc,
    I enjoy every episode you have appeared on NGNO with Anthony as your guest. Haha. Just kidding. You bring a real feeling of enthusiasm for nature that is enlightening and refreshing.
    May l please ask you a botanical question? My Lebanese Mother is a garden lover and insists my twin oregano plants that crawl on the ground are inferior. They root multiple times as they crawl on the surface of the ground. They have a very intense flavor and an amazing scent much nicer than my ordinary oregano plants that are a foot high. I never use the foot high oregano for culinary purposes as it is flavorless but comes up every year. The oregano that crawls on the ground l am not sure ? of the name and whether it is a variety that can take harsh winters of 10 below zero and strong winds. This is my first year with the two plants. Perhaps l can plant the rooted stems in pots and bring into my sunroom? If l cover the plants in a mulch will that protect the roots over winter? Please when you find the time could you let me know what the name is of this oregano is.
    I hope for you and the fellow citizens of your country a return to prosperity and good health.

    • administrator
      November 14, 2020


      Thank you for your lovely message.

      In order to help you I need some info.

      Were the plants brought from Lebanon? If not from where?

      Do you have pictures? Preferably with flowers.



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