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At Nature by Marc Beyrouthy, we believe in the importance of small daily pleasures that can put sparkle back into our eyes and reconnect us with the best that life has offered, a mother's and a grandmother's love.

Growing up, Marc was blessed by his grandmother's presence. He used to love apple and quince jams as well as blackberries' juice carefully prepared by her and that he still drinks every day. As an adult, he realizes that not all the children today have this opportunity. Even adults still look for this "Teta" touch in their busy lives.

So for all those still looking for the joys of a delicious homemade jam and juice carefully prepared by loving grandmothers, your quest has just ended! At Nature by Marc Beyrouthy, we offer you our very own line of Teta's jams and juice concentrates, all prepared from natural ingredients, in the kitchens of our very own grandmothers.

This line covers jams and juice concentrates for all tastes. Our jams would go perfectly with tea and buttered bread for breakfast or for any gourmet break. On the other hand, our quick and easy to prepare juices will refresh you, hydrate you and give you the strength to carry on with your day.

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