Teas and Herbal Teas

  At Nature by Marc Beyrouthy, we are passionate about teas and herbal teas and their health benefits. Therefore, we joined hands with experts to bring you the best tea grade blends for the finest tea experiences. We’re confident that you’ll love our tea and herbal tea products as much as we do!

Our teas and herbal teas are defined by more than just their taste and their naturally grown ingredients. In fact, many of them are designed and hand blended by us to offer you products of high originality and quality. When we blend these products, our purpose is to combine complementary flavors to create taste that will give you the ultimate escape while providing all possible health benefits. Our collections include classic teabag blends as well as luxurious loose leaf teas (black, green, white, etc.) and tisanes.

A large collection of tea pots, tea sets, blooming teas, tea timers, infusers, filters and other tea and herbal tea accessories are also available to transform every one of your cups into a ritual of elegance and every sip of it into a moment of pure poetry.

Our tea house is open daily from 8 am till 10 pm. Please visit us to try our blends and pick the ones you like most!

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