Our Company

Nature by Marc Beyrouthy is your one and only trustworthy partner for your Green Choices.

It is your all in one Eco-friendly leading provider of sustainable products and services meeting high ethical standards in all areas related to biodiversity, ecology and the environment.

Our ultimate goal is to help our clients to make choices that preserve, restore and promote the green lifestyle.

The company thrives also to protect the Lebanese rich traditional knowledge of plants. Nature by Marc Beyrouthy has been determined to help change the way people live and enhance the way they are connected with the planet, by offering products which impact the world in a positive way.

 “Nature” has been dedicated to serving the local and surrounding communities, and has been committed to a healthy and conscious lifestyle, presenting itself as a platform through which sustainability is transformed from a movement into a household feature. Its mission is to educate and inspire people to become personally involved and passionately committed to changing the world through products with purpose. In addition, empowering women and increasing their participation in economic growth are among our utmost goals.

Our experts are also available to provide you with several solutions and services in many areas including: Sustainable Development, Environmental Friendly Projects and Identity, Landscaping & Garden Maintenance; Water Management & Irrigation Services; Plant Nurseries & Glass Houses; Agricultural Projects Consultancy and Execution, Food Safety and Processing, Natural Heritage, as well as Eco friendly Decoration & Upcycling.

In addition, a team of very talented and active people is eager to help you with your weddings, birthdays, graduations and private & corporate events.

Because most of us don't always have the time to come to the store, Nature by Marc Beyrouthy also offers you the possibility to do your shopping online with our online store offering wide range products for you, your family, your home and your loved ones. Your shopping will never be the same!

The company is called “Nature” because it’s simply powered by Nature. “Nature” it is an accessible gleaming shop combining the best variety of ecological products and services, to beautifully green people’s lives. It creates and provides a responsible various range of home goods; offering an assortment of environmentally friendly lifestyle products, services and home solutions that are all stylish, original and authentic, reclaimed, recycled, natural or organic, and made with the highest respect for the planet and its people.

With our items, you will never again have buyer's remorse because your purchase will be your very own contribution to make the world a better place.

You can find in our store, a wide range of natural and fairly-traded products highly acclaimed for their quality and divided as follows:
  • Tea & Coffee House: we deliver the finest teas and coffees from around the world as well as their accessories. You can also indulge in the new line of tea blends   specifically designed, only for you, by Marc Beyrouthy himself.
  • Herbal Products and Essential Oils: we focus on highest standards of purity, quality and efficiency in our plant products.
  • Terroir and Heritage Products: local Lebanese thyme, olive oil, marzipan, honey, soap, dried fruits and spices as well as other trusted products are wisely selected for you after delicate inspection by our experts.
  • Agricultural Products: we offer you a wide range of planters, special soil blends, special fertilizers, agricultural tools, seeds, irrigation systems and other materials   for your parcel, your garden or your indoor plants. 
  • Plants and Flowers: we provide you with amazingly arrangements to help you translate the best messages your heart wishes to say on your special occasions.
  • Eco Friendly and Upcycled Products and Gifts: we are your direct line to local artisans providing you with handmade and environmentally friendly goods for       decoration. Most of our artists use recycled materials to help protecting the environment.

Weddings and Engagements Landscaping & Garden Maintenance Corporate Events